Mon. Dec 11th, 2023

Bills are still rising – Water Rates Rise 5.7%

Reduce your water billRecently it has been announced that the water bills will have a huge increase of an average 5.7 per cent within England, Scotland and Wales. Some Water companies have raised their cost of the bill by over 8 per cent, ahead of the inflation. The increase of the water bill will vary from each region, from as low as a 3.5 per cent increase to highs of 8.8 per cent. However water companies do understand that the bill increase is most certainly not encouraged and accepted by many because of the economic decline and financial troubles that many people face. It is said that the rise is approximately £20 per house hold water bill.

Will a water meter save you money?

Unfortunately there are not any options to switch your water supplier, though if you think you are paying too much, it may be worth considering switching to a water meter.
By having a water meter installed you only pay for the water you actually use. Having a water meter fitted by your water supplier is free except for certain circumstances, and your water company are unable to refuse the request.
Experts suggest that if you have more bedrooms than occupants then you would be better off having a water meter.

Ofwat, the water regulator, provide an online tool on their website that will help you work out if your household will be better off. Some people could be better off by up to £850 per year by switching to a meter, even more as the price rises take effect.

If you switch to a water meter and your water bills go up, then you will be able to switch back to unmetered (the meter will remain). You can only switch back within the first year of having a water meter fitted.

Pensioners use less water than young families, therefore changing to a meter will often save money. If you are a keen gardener, it may be a good idea to install water collection butt in your garden to collect rainwater. Avoid using hosepipes, as this will become more costly, and consider using a Water Saving Shower Flow Reducer Regulator to reduce the amount of water used in your shower.

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