Mon. Dec 11th, 2023

Reduce your electricity billReduce Your Electricity Bill.

With the constant rise in price of both gas and electricity it may sometimes be difficult to make ends meet.

If you find that your energy bill is not helping in overall monthly costs, try lowering the costs by the way you live. Look at our 10 simple but clever steps.

  1. Compare your energy tariff with others, in case it’s time for a change.
  2. Don’t leave things on standby. Leaving things on standby may just be the lazy option, like it’s easier to turn on for example; however it is a high cause of high electrical bills. If you are not using something, then turn it off instead.
  3. Turn of your computer when it’s not needed. (night time for example) a lot of people leave their computer on overnight, almost as a habit. It uses a lot of energy.
  4. If you have a high powered dishwasher, only use it when it is completely necessary. (when completely full) The less you use it, the better.
  5. Don’t do too many wash loads in a day, stay on track of washing of course however just control how many times you do a load in a day.
  6. Don’t leave lights on around the house. A single light bulb does not use a lot of energy, however leaving more than one light on around the house unnecessarily means you are wasting a lot more energy than needed.
  7. Think about changing your light bulbs. Have a look at what wattage your light bulbs are. The more watts it is, the more energy it uses. Try and get hold of an eco-friendly bulb that saves a lot of energy and also lasts for longer.
  8. Don’t leave the television on when you are not watching it. This may be a main cause of high energy bill.
  9. Only charge mobile phones, iPods, iPad’s, laptops etc. until charged. Once charged, you no longer need to keep your item plugged in; you may just be wasting electricity.
  10. Use electrical equipment at a minimum (hair straighteners, hair dryers) these types of electrical equipment should not be left on due to safety hazards. Turn them off when not in use.

So follow our steps, and hopefully we have helped you to cut down on your energy bill instantly. Don’t waste time and don’t waste your electricity. It costs money!

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