Mon. Dec 11th, 2023

Save money by collecting coupons and vouchers

Collecting vouchers and coupons is often seen as a trivial task that pensioners and low income families do to get by, but not anymore. Saving up coupons that you find can help save you a lot of money, as discounts off everyday items can make a massive difference. From BBC reports people have been known to save over £100 pounds each month. That money can then be used for tackling other everyday bills that could be causing a squeeze, or use that money on luxury for more breathing room.

VouchersQuite a few people would argue that it’s not worth spending time just to save a few pounds per week, but there’s offers in all kinds of retail stores that are waiting to be had. Large electrical products, furniture and even holidays can come with substantial discounts that are well worth the hunt. On the other hand, don’t force yourself to buy an item just because it’s discounted, if you don’t need or require the item that they are discounting then don’t buy it, otherwise you’ll be spending more money than you’ll be saving.

  • Get a folder or box to store your paper based coupons, while many coupons can be found online, having a place to centralise your paper coupons is good, that way you know where they are when you go shopping.
  • Set up a new Email account and sign up to websites that offer hints and daily tips about how to reduce money costs.
  • Keep a check on your shopping habit’s to see what sort of monthly spending’s you are doing and then look for ways to reduce this, from researching hints on the web or seeing what products you don’t use.

Vouchers and Coupons aren’t just limited to retail stores, there are also many online discounting sites such as as well as various social networking sites offering discounts, for example’s facebook page give competitions and discounts to their products just by being a fan of the page.

You can find vouchers and coupons in all kinds of places from the web to your local newspaper. Sometimes vouchers are given as complimentary items alongside other products that you buy on a daily basis. So keep an eye out for any vouchers that you can find, and remember that saving a little can help a lot.

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