Mon. Dec 11th, 2023

Save more - spend lessMoney Saving 1: Switch to store Brands, by doing this you can save yourself up to 29% of the cost that you would have spent on the regular, maybe more popular expensive brands, however, you should always check deals and compare prices, as some store brands are sometimes more expensive than other products.

Money Saving 2: Another way to reduce your expenditures is to find a cheaper way of entertainment, for example, look for promotional deals on theatres and days out, use coupons and vouchers to get discount entertainment for you and your family.

Money Saving 3: As simple as it sounds you should always shop with a list, by doing this you are then able to stick to what you have to buy and you are then less likely to buy any unnecessary or unwanted items. Also when shopping you should always make sure that you are not hungry, by doing this you won’t want to pick up all of the things that you presumably fancy because hunger had struck.

Money Saving 4: Buying items in bulk can save a significant amount of money, buying the items that are regularly used within the household for example washing up liquid, washing powder, surface cleaner and tinned foods with a long expiry date on can all be brought and stored for a long time, meaning that if you buy your items in bulk when on offer or from a wholesaler it means you have them there and you have saved money on buying these items.

Money Saving 5: Vouchers and promotional codes are big right now as people are struggling to find the extra funding for entertainment and luxuries, many websites offer promotional deals on items, delivery costs, entertainment and necessities, by using vouchers to help you purchase these you can then save a large amount of money in your outgoings. Not only this but by saving Tesco club card points you can then use them for days out and meals.

Money Saving 6: As annoying as it sounds another way of reducing your financial outgoings is to cut down on the unnecessary luxuries, do you really need that extra bottle of wine this week? Do you really need to smoke as many cigarettes a day? By simply just cutting down or cutting out you can be saving yourself a tremendous amount of money and also become much healthier.

Money Tip 7: Another way of saving money on your bills and payments would be to become more eco-friendly within your household, by shortening your shower time, turning your heating down by one degree and making sure that all appliances are unplugged you may be able to save up to 10% on your electric and water bills.

Money Saving 8: Looking around for cheaper insurances can save you hundreds! Make sure you get the best quotes and choose the cheapest and best car insurance, house insurance, life insurance to suit you and save you money.

Money Saving 9: Take your chances and reap the rewards of using the councils free campaigns to become more eco-friendly and save people money, for example get the free loft and cavity insulation and save a significant £300 per year.

Money Saving 10: Cutting down on what you don’t need/use is a great way of saving money, do you spend a lot of money for unnecessary sky or virgin channels? Why not change to a cheaper package to try and save you money, not only this but you can try and bundle all of your outgoings on internet, television and phone bills by going with one provider and choosing a package that suits you.

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