Mon. Dec 11th, 2023

Save money, save paper, save ink… save the environment.

Reuse paper to save moneySticking a paper tray next to your printer for paper that can be recycled is a brilliant way to save money. whether this is for your home or your office this technique is eco-friendly and financially friendly.

By using both sides of the paper for printing you can cut your paper usage down by half! Some printers already come with a specialist secondary tray so you can switch between them as needed. Recycling your paper in this method not only cuts down on your costs but also helps to save the environment as the lower paper usage requires less tree pulp to create the paper.

Other nifty tricks include changing the margins on the computer’s print area so that each page can hold more text, then decreasing the font size means less ink per character as well as less area, both saving ink and paper. Crop images you wish to print so only the bit you want is printed as well as making the images smaller so they use less ink.

Duplex Printers¬†give you the option to print on both sides of the paper automatically. This could save ¬£100’s on paper costs in an average sized office, and are available in both inkjet and laser formats. Check out our list of affordable duplex printers here.

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