Don’t have a Valentine? Don’t worry as Cupid has the power to help everyone.

Finding the perfect partner for Valentines day can be both exciting and fun. There may be someone that could be admiring you at your place of work, university or club. One way to find out is by sending them a Valentines card with some romantic poetry. If you are feeling brave, you could just ask them to join you for a drink or lunch. The worst response you will receive is a no.

Alternatively, there are many online sites that will help you find the perfect partner. You enter your details, listing your interests, likes and dislikes, and the site will search for a match.

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More tips to find a Valentine

  • Check the local paper or internet to find out whats on in your local area. Sign up for a class or group. Even if you do not find a Valentine, you will be guaranteed to learn something new.
  • Call your single friends and go out to a pub or bowling alley. As well as having fun, you will meet plenty of other groups of single people, giving you the chance to find love.

If you still find yourself alone this Valentine’s day then buy a rose and give it to the first attractive person who gives you a smile.

“Make love Happen””