Mon. Dec 11th, 2023

Save Money

The Choose Wealth Money Saving Tips and Advice

Save Money by Spending LessSpending more than you earn will create debt quickly. By saving money on everyday items and reducing your outgoing bills you will soon reduce your debts and increase what you have to spend, save or invest. Follow our simple guide below to help you save money.

Step 1: Reduce Insurance Costs

House insurance, car insurance and buildings insurance premiums always seem to rise each year. Instead of allowing insurance companies to automatically rollover the next years insurance, carry out a comparison check. Reduce Insurance Costs

Step 2: Motoring Costs

Running a car is an expensive necessity in modern times. The two main costly factors to owning a car is insurance and fuel. Follow our easy guide to reducing your fuel costs and save yourself money. SAVE MONEY ON FUEL

Step 3: Reduce Your Debts

High interest charges from your bank or credit cards is a costly expense and may be avoidable. Always pay off debts with the highest interest first. If you are paying interest on credit cards, then consider switching to an 0% credit card. 0% Credit Cards

Step 4: Save Money on Shopping

With the high costs of fuel, grocery shopping is becoming more and more costly. Consider buying store budget brands, shopping in your local high street and collecting vouchers. Always check the Buy One Get One Free (BOGOF) deals closely, as sometimes it may not be such a great deal. Remember to use cashback sites when you buy online to earn £100’s.  Tips to reduce your household bills

Step 5: Utilities, Heating and Insulation

Gas, electricity and water bills keep on rising, and it seems the colder the weather, the higher the prices. Compare your gas and electricity bills frequently, and if possible lock in to a fixed period to avoid huge price rises in the winter. Read our guide on reducing your insulation and heating costs and check if moving to a water meter could save you money.

Step 6: Frugal Living

Frugal living does not mean going without. Grow your own vegetables, recycle products, and visit boot fairs and fetes. Check out websites like Freecycle and Froogle and pick up items that someone no longer requires, FREE! The only cost is petrol to collect the item.

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