Mon. Dec 11th, 2023

Start Your Own Window Cleaning Business

Window Cleaning – Business Start-up

Start a Window Cleaning BusinessIf you are thinking of starting your own window cleaning business then our guide should give you a few ideas. In your local area there are a huge amount of dirty windows just waiting to be cleaned, both residential and commercial. The start-up cost for your window cleaning equipment may be small at the beginning (squeegee, sponge, bucket and ladder) , and as you grow the business, would benefit from further investment (high reach purified water systems). Window cleaning is seen as a high risk job, mostly from falls from ladders, and you will have to visit your customers in all weathers. Make sure that you wear appropriate clothing for the weather, especially if you are in the UK.

If you are working for yourself you will need to register as self employed within 3 months of starting your business Read up on the guide to working at heights

Setting Window Cleaning Prices

Always remember that time is money. Work out how much money you would like to earn per hour and calculate how long it would take you to carry out window cleaning different sized properties. It is always best to get paid your value for quality workmanship, than by charging less to undercut others.

Window Cleaning Equipment

The basic equipment needed to start a small window cleaning business will not be too expensive. The items listed below are a minimum. It may also be a good idea to protect yourself with a good public liability Insurance policy in case of any accidents.

Marketing Your Window Cleaning Business

Like many other businesses, you will need to find a few customers to get started. Order yourself some flyers and business cards and visit your local housing estates. The fastest way to increase customers would be to knock the door and speak to the homeowner, introducing yourself and your services. Hand them a flyer and ask them if they would like to have their windows cleaned. Many will say no, though may change their minds at a later date. They may also say that they use someone else, which will give you a chance to negotiate a better price. If nobody is home then post a flyer through the door and try another day. Remember that many people will be at work, so try to visit them on a weekend or evening.

There is more money to be made cleaning windows for commercial offices than residential properties. A great method of gaining commercial customers is by attending business networking events in your local area, where you will have the opportunity to build up a relationship with the business owners, and even gain a few referrals.

Other marketing methods to promote your business include:

Advertising in online directories such as (used to be, local newspapers, shop windows or your own website.

* Always ask a happy customer to refer you to friends and neighbours