Make Her Valentine’s Day Special

Finding the ideal Valentine’s Day gift for the woman in your life is never easy, often leaving you unsure that the gift matches the amount of love for your beloved. With the many Valentine’s gifts available, choosing the correct gift to impress your girlfriend or wife may leave you feeling confused. One very important tip is not to leave it too late. Remember to plan your dinner or weekend getaway in advance, as restaurants and hotels become fully booked quickly.

What Valentine Gifts have a selection of unique Valentine’s Day gift ideas to make this 14th February memorable for your beloved. We have gift ideas that will impress her and show your true feelings of love.

Top 10 Valentine’s Day Gifts


 Heart Strings
The ideal romantic gift for a girlfriend or wife for Valentine’s Day, and is a gift that should not be underestimated. Luxury handmade chocolate will not only impress your Valentine, but is also one of the best aphrodisiacs known to man. Chocolates are also affordable for most budgets.

Seductive Hotel Chocolat Valentine’s Gifts

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Digital Picture Frame

This Valentine’s Day gift idea is not only practical, but with a few carefully selected photographs of your Valentine with you, it will be a constant reminder of your true love. This gift placed on her dresser, or next to her bed will remind her of your love to her daily. A gift that will last for years.


A Pampered Spa Day

A guaranteed way of making your Valentine feel both loved and pampered. A full treatment at a health spa, including a massage, mud bath and skin treatments would leave any busy wife and mother feeling great. Spa days are also available for two.

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Apple iphone

Some would say that gadgets are the last thing on your lovers mind when it come to Valentine’s Day, but with a few carefully selected photographs, a selection of your favourite songs, and your telephone number, it becomes a true winner. The Apple i-phone will be an item that will never leave her side, and with every use your Valentine will remember you.



Jewellery has always been another traditional Valentine’s Day gift that the lady in your life will adore. They do say that “diamonds are a girls best friend”, and it will be an item that will show your love to your Valentine forever. Pay attention to the style of jewellery she loves to wear.

Hot Diamonds


A Romantic Night In For Two

With all of us struggling with a credit crunch a romantic night at home could be just the job. Give the usual cook a break, and make a romantic dinner for two. (If you have children, let them cook and serve you; they love the responsibility.) Don’t go too heavy on the food though, there is nothing worse on Valentine’s Day than not being able to move past 10pm because dinner has been too big.



Roses are the traditionally English way of expressing flowerly your love for your Valentine; in years past with wars fought over the white and red, sending a rose showed undying allegiance. Could you be her knight in shining armour?



When choosing lingerie as a Valentine’s Day gift, it is very important not to purchase the items that you would love to see your beloved wearing. Women love to wear sexy lingerie all the time, so choosing practical attire, that is comfortable to wear is essential. Pink and white are colours that may be worn under most clothing; darker colours are generally impractical under light clothing.

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A bottle of your Valentine’s favourite fragrance would show her that you have been taking notice of what she likes. This is the perfect gift to raise a few extra points in your relationship.

A Romantic Night Out For Two

What could be more romantic than treating your Valentine to a night of romance. The great thing with this gift is that you get to experience the whole evening. The evening may start with a romantic meal in your favourite local restaurant, or even a trip further away with hotel accomodation included. There are many West End theatre shows with dinner, and at great prices too.

London dinner & show for £20 


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