Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for the Man You Love.

Finding the ideal Valentine’s Day gift for the man in your life is something that you often work hard at. Valentine’s Day is something you enjoy, and you wish to make the experience enjoyable for him also. With the many Valentine’s gifts available, choosing the correct gift to impress your boyfriend or husband may leave you feeling confused. One very important tip is not to leave it too late. Remember to plan your dinner or weekend getaway in advance, as restaurants and hotels become fully booked quickly.

What Valentine Gifts have a selection of unique Valentine’s Day gift ideas to make this 14th February unforgetable for that special man in your life. We have gift ideas that will make this Valentine’s Day memorable for years to come.

Top 10 Valentine’s Day Gifts


Aftershave | Valentine Ideas
The ideal romantic gift for a husband or boyfriend for Valentine’s Day. Choose that perfect aftershave or cologne that he loves to wear, and if that fragrance is adored by you both then all the better. Compare prices for the best deal. If you are on a budget then you will also find versions of eau de toilette more affordable.

The Fragrance Shop


A Classic Gents Watch

Gents Watch | Valentine Ideas
This Valentine’s Day gift idea is not only practical, but with the right choice, will become a much loved addition to your man’s wardrobe. Men do not have a great selection of ‘special’ jewellery items to choose from, so a classic gents watch would be the perfect gift. An inscription on the back would help personalise it.


A Magazine Subscription

If you are struggling to find a Valentine gift that will last for the whole year, why not consider a magazine subscription of his favourite read. Magazines are available covering all topics and hobbies,


Apple iphone

Men cannot get enough gadgets, so this will be a true winner of a gift forValentine’s Day. Add a few carefully selected photographs, a selection of your favourite songs, and your telephone number, to make it even more special for your beloved. The Apple i-phone will be an item that will never leave his side, and with every use you will always be remembered.


A Wallet

Designer Wallet | What Valentine's Gift
A designer wallet has always been another traditional Valentine’s Day gift that the man in your life will appreciate. This always seems to be an item that he keeps putting off buying for himself. Make it extra special by placing a few photographs of yourself inside. An affordable, yet stylish gift that will last for years.


A Ferrari Driving Experience

Drive A Ferrari
If you are unable to afford to buy your husband or boyfriend their own ferrari, then don’t despair. A ferrari driving experience would make the ideal Valentine gift.

Virgin Experience Days

Win a Ferrari at the Best Of The Best


Tank Driving Experience

If your man is a more down to earth guy then I am sure he would appreciate this Valentine gift. These fantastic driving sessions last approximately three and a half hours, and include driving an armoured personnel carrier, a Chieftain tank and a Quad Bike!


Flying Lessons

Send Your Valentine's Heart Soaring
Valentine’s Day gift to truly send the man you love to new heights. His heart will definately be soaring with a flying lesson  experience. A variety of options are available from a single flying lesson, to complete flying courses to achieve a pilots license.


A Dressing Gown

A comfortable bath gown for the one close to your heart. The ideal chance for you to pamper your Valentine in your own way. Share a bath and cuddle up together in front of a cosy fire. Keep your Valentine HOT this Valentine’s Day.


A Romantic Night Out For Two

What could be more romantic than treating your Valentine to a night of romance. The great thing with this gift is that you both get to experience the whole evening. The evening may start with a romantic meal in your favourite local restaurant, or even a trip further away with hotel accomodation included. There are many West End theatre shows with dinner, and at great prices too.

London dinner & show for £20